Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our Adventure Begins

I suppose: experiences and memories are valuable, only because they are ephemeral. We try to hold on to them as long as we can, all the same. In this virtual corner, I hope to build my little box of adventures and mis-adventures. My home on the net, if you will.

Feel free to share them vicariously and may you, as we will, feel the yearning of happiness past and excitement of happiness yet to come. =)

Because I'm starting this late, I will probably jump here and there in telling my stories--please pardon the less-than-linear narrative.


The frame of my stories will always be from a joint perspective, between me and my wife, Karen. It therefore fits quite well, that my first few posts should be about our wedding!

In a way, the wedding turned out differently from what we expected. We knew it would be a big day for us, but how things turned out far exceeded what we anticipated. To put it briefly, the long preparation was well worth it!

As a disclaimer, we're not exactly the picture or video-taking type couple. We try, but we find we're clumsy doing so--so it's really all thanks to our wonderful videographer (Mayad Studios) and photographer (J Lucas Reyes) for capturing our wedding's happy moments.

One of our good friends, Martin, let us take our pre-nup pictures and videos at their family's place in Batangas.

You know how some people describe their wedding days as surreal? Karen and I disagree--ours was the complete opposite. It felt as real as could be to both of us, and we really felt the love from everyone present!

We're very happy with our pictures. We asked our photographer, J, to make them look as natural as possible. Both Karen and I are not big on the post-processed or high-fashion look--probably because we know we can't pull it off. The pictures turned out excellent, with just enough warmth, capturing the events emotions in just the right light.

Our on-site video also turned out just the way we wanted it. We felt it captured our personalities, and the song choice was excellent!

To be honest, 7 months after the wedding, we haven't even gotten to selecting pictures from the over 8,000 photos J's team shot. And I realize what a challenge it is to capture the details when writing an entry like this. Perhaps I will save those details for later posts!

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